Greetings Ravers, Burners, Partyers, Dancers, and Fun Lovers of the world!

Golden Spiral your source for Light Toys,
Light based Jewelry, Concert Light wear, and the best LED Flashlights.
Create stunning visuals ...that go with the music using the LED Spiral Lights!
Experience the ultimate ...Optical Ecstacy with the Rainbow Wave Wand.
Be the life (and the LIGHT) ...of the party as you weave your magic with the Liberty Torch Light Wand.
(Harry Potter fans have also been seen using these as color changing Magic Wands!)
Dance toys, Party toys, Rave and Concert toys, Toys that Teach, Belly Lights, Body Lights,
Electronic Jewelry, and even 7 color Light Pens
(which double as 7 color LED flashlights) can be found here.
So if you go to Raves, Burning Man, Dances, like to party, or want to just have some fun,


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