The Original

Photon Micro-Light®


Photon Light flashlight w/ Lanyard

White Photon Micro-Light II Key ring flashlight (L.R.I.) Photon Micro-Light® II!  This is what you've been waiting for!  New features include: 
  • On/off switch--The most obvious of the new features.
  • Case--The new case is made of glass-filled polyurethane making the Photon II more durable than ever.
  • Screws--The Photon II uses four high quality "0" (Aught) screws to hold the case together.  This makes it much easier to replace the battery.
  • Brighter light--The red and yellow use new, brighter LED's (The Photon I now uses these brighter LED's also). 


Red Photon Micro-Light II KEY RING FLASHLIGHT (L.R.I.)

Technical Specs*:


Photon Micro-Light® II

Case: Glass filled Polyurethane

    Solid state Red, 626 nm. 
    Solid state Orange, 605 nm. 
    Solid state Yellow, 590 nm.

Power Supply:
One 3V lithium coin cell (CR-2032).


*Specifications subject to change as improvements are made.




Battery Replacement  

To Replace Battery of Photon Micro-Light®II:
Green, Red, & Yellow: 
We recommend the Eveready CR-2032:
  • Remove four screws from bottom of the Photon with "0" size Phillips-head screwdriver.  Flip case over so switch is on top.
  • Carefully separate top and bottom case.
  • Remove clear slide switch.
  • Hold bulb down with one finger and lift lead (wire) just enough to remove batteries.
  • Install new batteries.
  • Replace slide switch on slightly raised lead.
  • Position top case so slide switch extends through hole and close case.
  • Flip over and replace screws.

  • Important! Do NOT change bulb leads except for raising enough to replace batteries.
White & Blue: 
We recommend the Eveready CR-2016: 


To Replace Battery of Photon Micro-Light®:

When you need a replacement battery, we recommend the Eveready CR-2032.  To replace, simply use a nail file or small screwdriver and carefully wedge open the groove at the ring end of the light to open case.