SpacePhones Among Us

Did you ever hook two cans together with string to create a walkie talkie? No? Ok..Ok..Well, imagine if you will, but instead of cans you use smooth colored plastic cones, and instead of string you use a fine metal coil made from high grade piano wire. That's the SpacePhone hardware: "Alexander Graham Bell meets the Slinky!"


Dolphone: SpacePhone Meets Darwin


You can create amazing sounds with the simple combination of Spacephones and your voice. When you speak or sing into one end, someone else at the other end hears you, but with a twist... literally. The metal coil physically coils your voice, adding several layers of strange and interesting echoing reverberations to your message.


SpacePhone Phaser Fire meets the Force


    Phaser Force

What you are about to hear is absolutely real. The effects were entirely generated by humans articulating into a SpacePhone. No electronic enhancements to these samples were made.


Sounds of Future Past: SpacePhone Meets Digeri Doo


We wondered how it would sound to combine one of the oldest and most sacred of musical instruments, the Aboriginal Digeri Doo, with one of the newest and most fun sound toys, the Space Phone. After deliberating for a few minutes on whether this experiment was "cosmically correct," we did it.

Synthesis of Old and New, Click Here to Hear. 


Sounds by Spacephones & MoMo, Images by Al & Sun/fem Energy


Why Do I Want a Spacephone???

Striking the coil with your fingernails sends out a mysterious sound wave that travels back and forth between you and your phone friend, sounding like you are at the other end of a wormhole or some other interdimensional structure.

So, what's the big deal, you might ask. My SoundEdit Pro software has an infinite variety of echos, reverbs, pitch control combinations, etc,. etc.

Three basic reasons - One - it's fun to make sounds with SpacePhones to your friends; Two - its an excellent sound base for creating cool digital sound effects--it adds an organic quality to your sound bytes, very hard to generate with synthesizers. I treat the SpacePhone like a seasoning or a spice for sound.

And three, the Spacephones come from our very own toy company here in Rainbow Territory, Golden Spiral. We've played with them through many parties, rituals and special events, and they've always pegged our fun meters.


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