3-D Light Show

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A Totally Interactive, Portable and Mesmerizing 3-D Light Show You Create!

This fascinating new invention uses a simple string and a lot of High Tech electronics to bring you an interactive hand-held (or table-top) light show. Watch in amazement as you create the most beautiful hypnotic 3-D light illusions you have ever seen. There is no right or wrong way to operate - just start Stringin'! It's beautiful to watch and incredible to play with! A great addition to any party-inside or out! You have total creative control at your fingertips. Stringin' It's interactive mode allows you to create and play with different light colors and string movements to control the hypnotic, magical illusions. In the demo mode, you can sit back and enjoy the show. Stringin' It will do it all! Once you start playing with Stringin' It, you won't want to stop! Recommended for ages 8+.

Features: AC Adapter Jack Adapter not included), Internal Motors, Six LED Lights create hundreds of Color Variations and Special Effects, Flash Speed Control, Pattern Select Control, Pivoting Heads, Collapsable Arms, Adjustable Lens, Pulse Control, and Contemporary High-Tech Styling.

Requires: 4 "AA" Batteries (not included).

$39.95 (call for quantity discounts)

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Available in 4 colors, and irresistable to kids of all ages (including adults!), this toy improves on the classic idea of two cups on a string. A slinky-like coil connects two sound trumpets, and mysterious sound effects come out the far end. Kids can amplify whispers, songs or cheers by speaking into the cups, or create unearthly music by flicking the spring with their fingers. Spacephones come in a carrying case which resembles the Space Shuttle, which really makes this two toys in one.

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Harmonic World Jewelry

The Harmonic World has been designed to release seven tones which resonate together as one, just as the seven continents make up our world.  The separate tones blend together creating a joyful sound of inner harmony.  As the chime of the Harmonic World rings, it can restore and revive your feelings of serenity and inner peace.

The Harmonic World is a representation of our world in harmony.   It is symbolic of our critical need to unite as one Humanity, generating global peace and environmental harmony. You can be a part of the harmony every time you enjoy your Harmonic World!

The following items have been carefully handcrafted to bring you this vital message:

There is a Bright and Sparkling Earth nestled in the Heart of Space, adding its cheerful tones to the "Music of the Spheres!"




Product Description

Retail Prices


22 mm with Sterling Continents on Sterling Oceans $35.95


22 mm Pendant with Copper Continents on Sterling Oceans $35.95


20 mm Pendant with Sterling continents on Sterling Oceans $27.95


24 mm Pendant with Copper Continents on bright Nickel-Silver Oceans $24.95


16 mm Earrings with Sterling Continents on Sterling Oceans $35.95 pair


16 mm Earrings with Copper Continents on Sterling Oceans $35.95 pair


bright nickel-silver keychain attached to C-11 $35.95


Spiral Sterling links attached to a C-5 $59.95

Help us all remember we are One Family on this Earth by simply wearing a Harmonic World close to your heart.   Be one of the visionaries who add joy in a very real way to the 'Dance of the Planets!'

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Rainbow Pen

7 Colors of Light Plus Multi-Color Mode



Write at Night or Anytime!
High Quality Refillable Metal Pen.
Super Bright LED's that last for years.
Changes to: Red, Blue,Green, Yellow, Sky-Blue, Purple and Violet.
3 AG-13 Batteries Included.

You can have your own Logo engraved on the pen.
Please inquire about this option.

Price: $9.95

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The hottest, coolest item on the market! All the bells and whistles, with 10 LEDs in 5 colors making bright geometric mandala designs in the air! Attached wrist lanyard. Secured battery cover. Individually poly bagged. Metallic colored star in the middle of the spinner. This item is superior to most others on the market. 3 AAA batteries included and installed.

Please call 888.803.5605 for quantity discounts.

Price: $12.95

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Quartz Singing Bowls

These bowls are incredible! Made of pure quartz crystal, them must be seen and heard to be appreciated. The tone can be as soft as a whisper, or so full of resonance that the entire room resounds. All bowls come with a stand and sounder. 5% discount when 3 or more bowls are ordered.


10" singing bowl, $130
12" singing bowl, $140
13" singing bowl, $150
14" singing bowl, $170
16" singing bowl, $190
* the prices above include shipping & handling.

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Dove Kites, and 7 other birds in flight

(Price chart below)


These dove kites are the same as those flown during the opening ceremonies of the 1996 Olympic games in Atlanta. Made of durable TyvekŪ, they are waterproof and tear resistant. The dove and other bird kites look truly realistic and flap their wings in flight. Very unique, they works as kites, decorative mobiles or festive windsocks. 16' poles also available.


Kite Unassembled Assembled Assembly Skill Level
Cardinal $7.95 $9.95 2 (easy)
Blue jay $7.95 $9.95 2 (easy)
Osprey Fish Hawk $19.95 $29.95 5 (challenging)
Dove of Peace & Love $19.95 $29.95 4 (moderate)
Loon $23.95 $35.95 7 (difficult)
Wild Canadian Goose $27.95 $39.95 7 (difficult)
American Bald Eagle $49.95 $59.95 6 (challenging)
Fiberglass Pole (16'6") $24.95 n/a n/a
Bamboo Pole (16'3") $14.95 n/a n/a

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Earth Heart Shirts



This is definitely a Classy shirt!
The simple message can be read several different ways:

Earth Heart : Earth Hearth : Hear The Art : He Art He :
He Art Heart : He Art Hearth : Earth Health : Heal the Art : Heal the Earth

These beautiful designs are embroidered on high quality 100% cotton shirts by computer using 5 colors and 12,000 stitches each!!

The Word Mandala surrounds a loving heart shaped map of the earth and is a  California Bay Area original design.

Colors: White, Black, Royal Blue, Kelly Green, Purple, S, M, L, XL

* specify color and size when ordering.

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